Curb Inlet Screen Covers

United Storm Water's curb inlet screen covers are structural BMP products that prevent debris and litter from entering the storm drain system, while still permitting nuisance and non-point discharge water to flow. These products are very popular with city and county agencies as they allow the retained pollutants to be removed efficiently using routine street sweeping operations.

Fixed Curb Inlet Screen Cover

  • Affixed to the outside of curb inlet openings
  • Most commonly applied to curved areas (cul-de-sacs, corners) and shallow drains where the mechanisms of the manual retractable or automatic retractable screen (ARS) cover configurations can not be accommodated
  • May be removed and stored when excessive rain and accumulated debris may cause flooding
Curved fixed curb inlet screen cover on street corner

Manual Retractable Curb Inlet Screen Cover

  • Mounted inside curb inlet openings
  • May be manually retracted inside the curb inlet and locked in the open and closed positions
  • Does not require removal or storage by maintenance personnel
manual retractable screen cover

Automatic Retractable Wing-Gate™ Curb Inlet Screen Cover

  • Mounted inside curb inlet openings
  • Remains closed during dry season and nuisance water flow
  • Opens automatically during continuous heavy water flow
  • Can be calibrated to open automatically from water flow levels of approximately 1" to 4"
Open Wing-Gate storm drain filter

All of our screen covers can be used in conjunction with a DrainPac™ storm drain filter insert for capturing fine sediment, heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons!