Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) Unit Specs & Drawings

Listed within the Full Trash Capture Certification Program by both the Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Boards, our Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) has become the BMP of choice for cities as they strive to meet rigorous storm water regulations. This metal screen assembly is installed inside a catch basin, in front of the outlet pipe, for preventing debris from entering the storm drain system. A CPS unit is designed to retain all trash and gross solids larger than 5 mm (0.197 in) inside the catch basin (e.g. cigarette buds), and once in place it also retains large volumes of sediment as well. Therefore, the trash capture and storage capacity of this product is dependent upon the size of the catch basin where it is to be installed. A CPS unit can be used in conjunction with a curb inlet screen cover and/or DrainPac™ Storm Drain Filter Insert for added effectiveness based on the level of trash and debris that commonly accumulates at the site.

CPS Unit Specifications

  • Manufactured from S-304 perforated stainless steel having 5 mm diameter holes
  • Has a minimum overall vertical height of 2 feet
  • Has a deflector to prohibit debris from falling behind the screen
  • Has an open area of 50% for overflow bypass
  • The perimeter of the insert includes a structural frame for stiffness and a bolting surface to fasten the insert to the catch basin floor and wall
  • Has a structural integrity to withstand a force of standing water within the catchment area
  • Not recommended for installation in drop inlet type catch basins nor catch basins having connector pipes greater than 42 inches diameter

Top deflector screen on a connector pipe screen unit

Overflow bypass on a connector pipe screen unit

A connector pipe screen (CPS) unit can be installed with a curb inlet screen cover or a DrainPac™ storm drain filter insert for added effectiveness!

CPS Unit Custom Configurations

  • Custom configurations are designed as needed for nearly any catch basin scenario (e.g., pipe lines entering from any wall or catch basin floor).
  • CPS units can be configured to be permanently mounted to the catch basin or to have a quick disconnect feature to facilitate pipe line jetting or to prevent flooding should the basin drainage system become clogged.
  • Catch basins containing CPS units should be cleaned when the screen is ≤ 40% covered to prevent the possibility of flooding and/or pollutant overflow into lateral pipe lines.

CPS units are custom-designed for every catch basin

CPS units retain trash & debris in basin

clean standard configuration CPS unit with catch basin

New installation with gauge painted on catch basin wall so that crew inspecting drains know when the basin requires cleaning or maintenance.

Certified full capture connector pipe screen (CPS) units are custom-designed and fabricated according to customer-specific requirements!